Creating a New
 Beginning for Children...
Will you join our effort to create
a new beginning for these children?

It will mean so much to them...

Amidst a world torn by hatred, drugs, physical abuse, sexual abuse, poverty, illness, parental separation and neglect, is a SANCTUARY that provides love, peace, warmth, comfort and security for children abused or abandoned.

Chairperson Datin Bavanee Samuel with some kidsFounded in 1994, RUMAH HOPE is run by volunteers from all walks of life working together for the betterment of these children. 

They provide shelter, food, care and security for children in crisis situations with the hope these children will learn to trust adults (again) and live to cope with emotional anxieties and fears thereafter.

Joyous kids in their new home in Sect 20/2, PJThanks to the generosity of the public, these children are now housed in a newly contructed 3-storey building (7,000 sf) situated at 45 Jalan 20/2, Paramount Garden, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

YES! Nothing is impossible!Currently Rumah Hope has 60 children aged between 4 -17 and can accommodate up to 72 needy children.

Besides the loan taken up to expedite the construction of the building, more children means more mouths to feed, clothe and to educate.

Will you chip in to create a new beginning for these children?

It will mean so much to them.
C -O -N -T -E -N -T -S

SANCTUARY! gives you a brief background of Rumah Hope and its mission

CHIP IN! gives you a brief description the various funds and expertise required to maintain the Home and children.

MEET THE CHILDREN gives you the location map, list of the main committee and contact numbers.

SIGN UP! is a form to pledge your funds or time.

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Children are our 
most valuable 
natural resource.

Herbert Hoover

I believe that
children are
our future

Teach them well 
and let them 
lead the way

Show them
all the beauty
they possess 

Give them 
a sense of pride
to make 
it easier...

From the song
The Greatest
Love of All 
Whitney Houston

We are all worms,
but I do believe
I am a
glow worm


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