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Your Internationally Recognised Counter-Money
Laundering Strategist

Nigel Morris-Cotterill

Consistently recognised as one of the world's leading international anti-money laundering strategists, Nigel has more than a quarter century's experience in tracing proceeds of fraud and other financial crimes. Working with financial institutions and commercial concerns across the world on anti-money laundering strategies, he has been involved in large scale recoveries and international actions. In so doing, he has been able to identity weaknesses in organizations that are prone to money laundering exposure and abuse.

Nigel presented a series of high level seminars and workshops for senior bankers throughout Malaysia in 2001-2. The series, organised by Institute Bank Bank Malaysia (IBBM) and Bank Negara was attended by representatives of all Malaysian banks and several overseas banks. Nigel was the first expert appointed in Malaysia to interpret the Anti Money Laundering Act, 2001 for Malaysian bankers. He was also invited by LOFSA (Labuan regulator) to hold a workshop to discuss the importance of implementing effective regulatory, compliance and AML monitoring systems.

A lawyer by profession, Nigel left full time practice in 1994 to focus on developing counter-money laundering strategies for financial institutions. He has worked with many leading banks, central banks and financial institutions around the world, providing both consultancy and high level training. He has commented on draft laws and regulations and has worked with enforcement agencies in both recoveries and identifying failures in best practice in financial institutions. He is often commissioned by national banking institutes to run counter-money laundering training programmes. Nigel's approach centres around Risk Assessment and Risk Management, recently been adopted by the Bank of International Settlements (and therefore banking regulators world-wide) and by the Financial Action Task Force.

Nigel is the editor of World Money Laundering Report, having been a contributor to the Money Laundering Bulletin for several years. He formed The Anti Money Laundering Network, the only group of companies in the U.K. Hong Kong and South East Asia that specialise exclusively in Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing consultancy and training, including AML Net Sdn Bhd, a company granted MSC status by the Malaysian government. AML Net Sdn Bhd is dedicated to developing cutting edge information and technology services that are affordable by businesses in the developing world such as:

Risk Values - a customer profiling tool that allow businesses to identify those who display a propensity to commit financial crime. GlobalKYC.Com - a customer checking system to enable businesses to screen customers to ensure that they are not dealing with "banned" persons. GlobalKYC.Com also includes the world's only international register of Mareva injunctions and asset seizure orders in criminal cases. QuickToLearnMore.Com - the class leading specialist counter-money laundering e-training system.

Nigel is author of "How Not to be a Money Launderer - The Avoidance of Fraud and Money Laundering in your organisation" & the forthcoming "The Counter-Money Laundering Laws of South East Asia." He writes countless articles and papers on money laundering including the use and abuse of the internet in fraud and money laundering. He is also a frequent contributor to professional journals such as The Banker and mainstream press such as The Times.

Nigel is frequently invited to speak and chair conferences all over the world. He is highly regarded by the international media such as BBC and CNBC in which he is frequented featured and quoted. He has also been interviewed by media in the UK, Ireland, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Nigel Morris-Cotterill has extensive experience in counter money laundering strategies and a very positive direct presentation supported by many practical examples and summaries of matters of importance.

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