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Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Get a grip on the numbers!

How many of these awkward situations have you already faced?
There you are talking to decision-makers and...

  • You have a tough time answering questions about costs that affect your job. Or...
  • It turns out that you have been having trouble keeping track of income and expenses - which happens to be part of your job. Or...
  • You have overlooked key points in your company's financial statements. Or...
  • You start debating with your financial executives - and their facts and figures leave you at a loss for words. Or...
  • You submit your budget - and have a tough time justifying for it. Or...
  • You suggest what you consider to be an excellent business idea - and discover it would actually be bad for business.
You should seriously consider this program if you have faced more than half of the situations above.

Hard on the nerves and hard on the career. Never again be embarrassed by the lack of financial knowledge. This seminar gives you the facts you need to avoid such embarrassing situations. Every minute of this seminar is business specific and practical. No questions go unanswered. And, you will find out how the answers apply to your company, your position, your market and your industry.

Powerful Benefits You Will Receive

At the conclusion of this seminar workshop, you will be able to:

Have a working knowledge of the techniques used by business professionals to assess performance for the future...

  1. Open the door to the finance department develop a better understanding of the function and more productive working relationship with finance professionals
  2. Build up your financial confidence. Take the hunches out of your decision-making and reduce the unknowns
  3. Sharpen your financial skills and competencies for business success. Back up your good ideas with solid financial plans and recognize the flaws in your ideas.
  4. Understand the business dynamics of the numbers and dollars and take initiatives that optimize results in line with short and long-term goals
  5. Assess your company's performance and vitality by analyzing its balance sheet and income statement
  6. Analyze the competition's strengths and weaknesses through a comparative cost and profitability analysis, and an evaluation of liquidity, leverage and cash flow positions.


Immediate benefit to all with profit responsibility
This workshop is primarily designed for all non-financial managers in general management, manufacturing, marketing, personnel, research and development and in other areas of commerce, industry, public services, education and government.


  • You are encouraged to bring your company's financial statements for discussion
  • Please bring a standard calculator to use during the case study assignments

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