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Additional resources of donation related web sites:

TransWeb: All About Transplantation and Donation, is the central directory and collection of transplantation and donation related information on the Internet.  A nonprofit educational web site, it serves the world transplant community with answers to commonly asked questions, donor memorials, patient experiences, coverage of the Transplant Games, and a reference section.

The Transplant Journey, for youngsters, a multimedia trip through the transplant process, featuring cartoons, medical illustrations, animations, and a complete glossary with audio.

UNOS: the United Network for Organ Sharing
C -O -N -T -E -N -T -S

BACKGROUND gives you a brief description how this Organ Donation Campaign came about and why we champion this cause to increase the number of organ & tissue donors in Malaysia.

FAQ attempts to anwer questions frequently raised on organ and tissue donation.

LINKS offer additional resources for organ donation related web sites.

SIGN UP! is a form to pledge your organs & tissues.

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