The Malay Mail Saturday November 13, 1999

Lu's undaunted by the challenge

MEET Patricia Lu Pitt-Chin, 38, the woman tipped to be nominated as Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia's candidate for the Bukit Gasing State Assembly seat in the coming general election.

Her name and face may still be unfamiliar to the general public but Lu said she is undaunted by the challenge.

When the Malay Mail visited her at her home in Taman Tun Dr Ismail yesterday, Lu cautioned that nothing is confirmed yet; "I know my name is among those proposed for the seat but nothing has been decided yet."

At first impression, the 38-year old owner of an executive training company hardly fits the bill as a hard-nosed politician.

Dressed in an old comfy white T-shirt and bermuda shorts with her rimless spectacles on, she looks too lepak to be one.

But spend some time with her, listen to her talk on wide-ranging issues from the present day education system to the need for Malaysians to be self-reliant, and her forthright manner and passion for politics and public speaking shine through.

A firm believer in self-reliance and community work, Lu comes from a humble background - her late father Bernard Lu Hung Yuen migrated from China in the late '50s and later became political secretary to the late Tun Tan Siew Sin.

Lu is a Gerakan Central Committee Wanita member and the vice-chairman for strategy of Wanita Gerakan Selangor.

"If nominated, it will be a great challenge but I am prepared to take it up. I want to go back to basics, which is to help build self-reliant communities and instill values among the children.

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