The New Straits Times Times Two Thursday, January 26, 1989

Trio's confidence paves way to success

One year ago, three young people decided to go into business together, leaving secure jobs and monthly pay packets.

They were tired of working for other people and wanted to strike out on their own.

Their action was described as foolhardy by many of their friends but they were undeterred.

With little business experience and no contacts at all, they faced an uphill task all the way.

But they had several things going for them: they were young, innovative and prepared to work hard.

“Our friends told us we would most certainly fail since we were inexperienced,” said Pat Lu, director of Rayma Management Consultants, a management consultancy service organizing seminars and conferences.

Today, Pat, her brother Edward and Patricia Kew have proved their detractors wrong.

What is the key to their success?

According to Pat, the secret was having faith in themselves and sustaining the company even though there were “dips” or slow periods in the first year.

“It was crucial that first year that we go all out to promote our services locally and overseas,” she said.

“You have to be unafraid to try out new ideas, and take risks to a certain extent.  Just trust your gut feelings.”

One incident that demonstrated this was when Pat visited an education fair early last year.

“A man approached me and asked me if I was interested studying overseas.  He turned out to be a representative of a polytechnic in UK,” she said.

After introducing herself, she went on to ask more questions about the polytechnic and told the representative about her company.  She offered to do the promotion for the polytechnic.

Before she knew it, she had landed a contract.

“He was impressed with my interest in their college and ability to market our services,” she said.

That was the start of good things to come.

Having sent out their brochures earlier to various companies and embassies abroad, the company started receiving enquiries about their services.

Since then, Rayma has organized seminars for Harvard Business School, Asean Institute of Management, and the Institute of Public Relations Malaysia.

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