NSTPi Friday December 4 1998

Bid to help economy recovery

KUALA LUMPUR, Thurs - In a bid to help economic recovery, a group of Malaysians today launched a campaign to get every electronic mail-linked Malaysian to tell foreigners about Malaysia and invite them to visit the country.

Calling the effort "The Mission Possible: Visit Malaysia CyberCampaign", the group said there were 500,000 registered Internet users in the country and if everyone were to send 10 messages, five million foreigners could be contacted.

"We chose the tourism industry first as it offered short-term gains. We will move to other areas later," group member Pat Lu told a press conference here.

She said the tourism industry was also chosen as it had excellent infrastructure, promoted Malaysia and brought in immediate foreign exchange.

Lu said the group called itself "Pahlawan" (warrior) as it felt that everyone had to fight to ensure economic revival.

The group had created sample letters with information about Malaysia in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin, and people could use them or add a personal message to them.

The Visit Malaysia CyberCampaign is mirrored at 4 sites.

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