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Led by
Michael Comer

World Leading Specialist & Authority in Corporate Crime Detection and Prevention
Author of the International Bestsellers: "Corporate Fraud I, II, III", "Bad Lies in Business", "Investigating Corporate Fraud" and "Deception at Work".

Keynote Address & Official Opening by
YBhg Dato' Sri Musa Hj Hassan
Deputy Inspector General of Police
Royal Malaysia Police

A World-Class Program Specially Presented to You by

"While this is touted as the information age,
the truth is that its illegitimate by product - Corporate Fraud
is the real growth industry of the 21st century."
- Mike Comer

This Program Is Guaranteed To Change your views about
*Risks and Controls*
*Where Profits can be Optimized*
*Ensuring that Your Corporate Goals are Secured and Protected*

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  “Their money was just lying around: if it wasn't me, it would have   been stolen by someone else. Frankly, it would have been rude   not to take it.”
Joyti De-Laurey, a former secretary at the prestigious bankers Goldman Sachs who stole 4.4 million British Pounds.

For many companies, the time to act is now.
For others, now may be too late!

Fraud can strike any organization, at any time!
Understandably, fraud is not the top priority of busy managers or successful organizations, until it strikes. Fraudsters succeed because they have the time and incentive to pay attention to detail, finding and exploiting control weaknesses and taking the unwary victim by surprise. Fraud is always concealed in the details and it is easy to be wise after the event. This program strongly encourages organizations to reconsider their control priorities and put controls in place before it happens .

Is your organization already at risk?
Contrary to popular belief, fraud is not primarily a problem of employee dishonesty but increasingly involves senior managers, suppliers, customers, competitors, international criminal groups and is achieved by deception, extensive collusion, false reporting, bribery and technological abuse. Fraud is growing exponentially with the top ten risks being:

1. Bribery and corruption
2. Conflicts of interest
3. False reporting of financial performance to increase bonuses, ramp share values or to     deceive financiers
4. Frauds in marketing, advertising and sales
5. Frauds in purchasing and procurement, construction and building maintenance
6. Frauds in finance and accounting
7. Frauds in logistics and distribution
8. Disbursements and especially electronic payments
9. Theft of intellectual capital and trade secrets
10. Frauds by competitors, including counterfeiting and parallel trading

Being forewarned is forearmed!

It is seldom a single control weakness that causes catastrophes, but rather a failure to detect signs that things are not quite right. The art is to ensure that within a framework of shared values, there is a prudent baseline of preventive controls, supported by good intelligence which enables risks to be avoided. Fail-safe procedures to investigate and recover from losses are also vital, yet most frauds are detected by accident and potential recoveries not pursued.

This program shows you how to

  • IDENTIFY the real risks of fraud and compliance breaches faced by your     organization
  • DETECT and RECOVER from erosive frauds and minimize the possibilities of     catastrophic risks fraud
  • INVESTIGATE and make full financial recovery when fraud is detected
  • DETECT and DEAL with deception in all its guises
  • SPECIFY processes and develop resources to investigate and recover from fraud
  • SET UP systems and controls to curb adverse managers and reduce probability of     fraud in manual or computer systems
  • APPLY effective but non-intrusive controls in core and other processes
  • PROTECT your organization against regulatory, civil and criminal liability impacts     of dishonesty

  • Company Presidents & CEOs
  • General Managers
  • Financial Directors
  • Treasurers & Controllers
  • Auditors and Heads of Internal Audit
  • Directors of EDP
  • Senior Planners & Systems Designers
  • Professional Accountants
  • Contract & Procurement Managers
  • Corporate Security Directors
  • Internal & External Attorneys
  • Company Secretaries
  • Insurance Underwriters & Risk Managers
  • P R O G R A M   C O N T E N T

    The Essentials of Fraud Risks
    Identify the real risks facing your organization. Fraud has predictable profiles - it's simply a question of knowing where to look and what to look for

    Taxonomy of Fraud - The Real Nature Of Fraud
    * Definitions
    * Impact of Fraud
    * Elements
    * Critical Features
    * Motivation
    * Differential of Opportunity
    * Fraud Profiles

    Debilitating Frauds - Avoiding Catastrophes
    * By Top Management
    * Organized Crime
    * Defection of Key Employees
    * Bribery by Employees
    * Off Book Transactions
    * Major Capital Purchases
    * Marketing
    * Treasury
    * Construction Industry
    * Trade Finance and Lending
    * Espionage
    * Extortion
    * Emerging Markets

    Erosive Frauds - Accounting For 2% - 5% Of Turnover
    * Bribery, Corruption and Conflicts of Interest
    * Purchasing
    * Marketing
    * Competitors
    * Logistics
    * Manufacturing
    * Accounting
    * Computer Abuse

    Fraud Detection
    How to use automated and other techniques to uncover fraud, even when you have no prior suspicions.

    * The Benefits of Detection
    * Responsibilities for Fraud Detection
    * Techniques
    - Control Self Assessment (CSA)
    - Automated Methods
    - The Fraud Health Check
    - Job Sensitivity Analysis
    - Undercover Investigations
    - Process Flow Charting
    - Reworking Transactions
    - Targeting
    * Case Studies

    Investigating Fraud
    How to investigate and recover from fraud, using a comprehensive Fraud Policy and
    Contingency Plan.

    * The Legal Background
    * Investigation Methods
    * Controlling Investigations
    * Stages in a Major Investigation
    * Contingency Planning for Fraud
    * Making Recoveries
    - Tracing Assets
    - Recovering
    - Fidelity Insurance

    Detecting Fraud
    How to detect and deal with deception in all its guises.

    The Problem - How People Lie
    * The Human Brain and Deception
    * Taxonomy of Lies
    * Detailed Symptoms of Deception
    - The Content
    - Syntax
    - Para-linguistics
    - Non-verbal Communication

    The Solution - How To Deal With Deception
    * The Action Plan
    * Types of Questions
    * Delivery of Questions
    * Important Principles
    * Planning the Tough Interview
    * Stages in an Interview
    * Interview Rooms
    * Rehearsal
    * Specific Applications
    - Interviews with Fraud Suspects
    - General Meetings
    - Pre-employment Screening
    - Dealing with Con-Men
    - Negotiations
    - Annual Appraisals
    - Elimination Interviews
    - Witnesses
    - Cognitive Interviews
    - Expert Witnesses

    Preventing Fraud
    How to apply effective controls - ranging from business ethics policies down to baseline operating standards.

    * The Meaning of Controls
    * Compliance Requirements
    * Ethical Standards
    * Resources Needed for Effective Control
    * Vital Policy Areas
    * Process Principles
    * Types of Forms & Design Principles
    * Auditing Your Forms
    * Key Processes and Controls in the Core Business
    - Control Self Assessment
    - Business Intelligence
    - Business Operations
    - Employee Education
    * Peripheral Processes
    * Environmental Processes
    * Fidelity Insurance
    * Hardware Standards
    * Action Plans

    Benefit from Mike Comer's unique experience and piercing insights
    into the problems of Corporate Fraud!
    1. Clinic and private consultation
      If you have a control, security, fraud or related problem, this is your chance to obtain free, totally confidential and without obligation advice from arguably the world's leading specialist.
      * Applicable to paying participants only
      * On a first come, first served basis
      * Clinic duration: 5.00pm - 7.30pm daily
    2. Continuing support and advice
      24 months of continuing support and advise. You will be given a personal access code to Mike Comer's dedicated Internet Site through which you can obtain free advice from Mike Comer on any control related matter.
    3. Comprehensive & carefully researched manual
      Containing checklists, copies of slides, action plans and over 200 techniques for detecting fraud. Serves as a valuable reference after the event.
    4. Unconditional program guarantee
      We guarantee two-days of stimulating, thought-provoking learning. Mike Comer's style is interactive, humorous and always to the point. If you participate in this program, consider the recommendations and then conclude that is was not worth every Ringgit, your participation fee will be refunded!
    Praise and accolades for Mike Comer
    "I personally find most seminars average but this one has got to be outstanding!"
    - Eveready Battery Co (M) Sdn Bhd

    "Mike Comer hits the nail on the head with his presentation and materials."
    - Kontena Nasional Sdn Bhd

    "Good seminar leader, standard of presentation was as expected. Good ideas and opinions. Critical Point Auditing would be useful in my work."
    - Sime Darby Bhd

    Separately Book-able Clinic on
    Deception At Work!
    Ensuring Your Decisions are Based on the Truth
    8.00pm – 10.30pm * June 20, 2005

    Lies comes in all shapes and sizes and they all lead to bad decisions, problems and missed opportunities. By being able to deal effectively with deception, ensuring that you only respond to the truth, your decision will be more accurate, making you a more effective manager.

    This Clinic will provide concepts & practical details to understand

    • How lies are told and why the liar cannot conceal the symptoms
    • How the human brain and autonomic system process lies
    • The top fifty clues to deception
    • The meaning of rapport, empathy and “getting on the same wavelength”
    • A neuro-linguistic approach to the truth
    • The effect of emotions on getting to the deep truth
    • The eight stage process of getting to the truth
    • A personal manifesto for avoiding deception at work

    Clinic Content

    How and where people tell lies in business

    • In meetings and discussions
    • On job and other application forms
    • In correspondence
    • In business and investment proposals

    Clues which are always left by the liar

    • The operation of the human brain
    • Conscious and unconscious clues
    • Detecting lies in the content of what the liar says or writes in the syntax
    • In Para-linguistics in non-verbal and body language
    • In his attitude, what the liar does not say that a truthful person would
    • The importance of syntax

    Planning the interview room

    • The importance of rehearsal
    • Designing effective forms
    • Your personal manifesto
    R E G I S T R A T I O N   D E T A I L S
    Program Details

    Corporate Fraud - It Happens! [Program 1]
    Cutting Edge Detection & Prevention Strategies

    • June 20-21, 2005
    • 9am-5pm daily
    • Concorde Hotel , Kuala Lumpur.

    Deception at Work! (Special Clinic) [Program 2]
    Ensuring Decisions are Based on the Truth

    • June 20, 2005
    • 8.00pm - 10.30pm
    • Concorde Hotel , Kuala Lumpur .

    Your Investment
    Program 1: RM2,380 per person Inclusive of comprehensive program manual, lunch & refreshments.
    Program 2: RM480 per person Inclusive of clinic manual & refreshments
    Special Rate for Both Programs – Pay only RM2,660 per person

    Early bird Incentive
    Take 10% OFF the fee. Register and pay by
    31 March 2005

    Team Attendance Highly Recommended
    This is to facilitate successful implementation of the knowledge acquired from the program. Group Incentive 10% off for 4 or more from the same company attending the same program.


    Reservations can be made by telephone, fax or e-mail. Registration is confirmed on receipt of the registration form and payment cleared before the program date. If unable to do so due to government policy or company procedure, please advise late payment in writing.

    Cancellations Policy
    Full refund for written notice received 2 weeks before program. A 25% cancellations fee will be levied for late cancellations. No refund after 20 May 2005. Substitutions are allowed.
    RAYMA Guarantee
    Full refund if we do not deliver what we promise. Just turn in your workbook at the end of the program
    We come to you
    In-Company Customised Learning Solutions. Need to develope entire teams? All our public programs, based on best practices, can be developed in partnership with you to meet your organization's specific requirements
    Registration & Enquiries

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    2B Jalan SS24/13, Taman Megah,
    47301 Petaling Jaya,
    Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
    Tel: +60 3 7804 4666/777/888
    Fax:+60 3 7804 4484
    Email : seminars@rayma.com.my

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