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Minimize Bad Debts, Maximize Profits

Strategies in Managing Accounts Receivables

April 19-20 2004 w Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya

Led by
Steven F.Coyle

Highly Respected Specialist in Credit and Collection with extensive & wide-ranging experience in the Malaysian & American credit control environments. Regular Contributor to "Business Credit" Magazine, USA and author of he upcoming book: "Collect More Money! Asian & Western Credit Strategies."

why you should attend
Course Content

Another World-Class Seminar brought to you by

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Key Strategies To Reduce Credit Risks, Bad Debts,
Protect Your Profits & Expedite Debt Recovery!

Have YOU ever wondered...

Managers and Business Owners

  • How do I strategically manage overdue accounts?
  • How do I ensure our Accounts Receivables jewel remains shiny?
  • How can I raise my department's exposure to reflect the importance of what we do?
  • How can I help new supervisors excel in their performance and in my expectations of them?


  • How to motivate and lead my collection teams to higher results?
  • How to reduce my team's absenteeism rate?
  • What challenges are my new collectors likely to encounter?
  • How can I help my more experienced collectors move on to the next level?


  • What are the steps to an effective collection call?
  • How to diffuse upset customers and still collect the money?
  • How to quickly overcome payment excuses and objections?
  • How to convert more accounts into more Promises to Pay?
    (shared secrets of the Masters?)

This seminar will answer these questions and more. It's chockfull with Creative and Practical ideas to strategically manage your company's accounts receivables and the staff who handle them.
Enhance Your Cash Flow Through Proven Credit & Collection Strategies!

This practical seminar emphasizes the most up-to-the-minute, hands-on credit and collection strategies to help you accelerate your cash flow to improve your company's bottomline.

It gives you a solid understanding of the principles of managing credit and implementing a well-structured credit and collection system that fits the needs of your company and clients. When you complete this program, you will be able to review or reorganize your organization's accounts receivables strategies to minimize bad debts and maximize profits.

How You Will Benefit

  • Acquire fresh and innovative ideas to lower bad debt, aging and DSO levels
  • Effectively strategize your accounts receivables campaigns
  • Establish effective credit and collection policies
  • Set early, mid and late stage collection strategies
  • Reduce the risk of accepting high credit risks
  • Ensure your credit collection department and its people are "on the road" to world class performance
  • Effectively manage your agents and legal firms to increase recovery rates
  • Tips and guidelines on handling corporate accounts

In addition, you will receive a Program Manual containing useful examples of reports, forms, collection scripts, dunning letters & emails.
Serves as a valuable resource after the event!


Immediate Benefit To :

  • Credit & Collection Managers/Executives
  • Finance & Accounts Managers/Executives
  • Credit Control Managers/Executives
  • Credit Analysts & Loans Managers/Executives
  • Top Collectors with Supervisory potential
  • Treasurers, Finance Controllers, CFOs, Accountants
  • Debt Collection Agencies & Business Owners
  • IT staff who support credit and collection departments
  • Sales Managers to better understand their credit & collection counterparts

This program aims to impart skills to help companies strengthen their collection strategies and minimize the risk of loss. Don't miss it!Send in a team to participate. (Group discounts available)

Certificate of Participation will be awarded on completion of the seminar.



  • To extend or not to extend?
  • The Genesis Question: Primary roles of a Credit Analyst, Bill Collector,
    Supervisor & Manager?
  • Value of Accounts Receivables and you
  • Collection = Sales
  • Properly Measuring DSO's impact
  • Where to put the credit & collections department?


  • Importance of an "active" credit department
  • What to do before a single Ringgit is extended as credit
  • Tips and guidelines on writing a credit policy
  • Techniques on setting credit lines
  • How to quickly improve your credit analysis skills?
  • Effectively using the 5 + 1 credit filters
  • The "art" of rejecting accounts
  • Understanding credit and behavioral scoring systems
  • 8 signs of a "sick" credit department


  • How to develop creativity within yourself and your people?
  • How to motivate your people?
  • Creating a World-Class credit or collection department
  • Recruiting and selecting top performers
  • Working with peers and superiors to achieve your goals and theirs
  • The "Matrix-Revolution" method of motivating yourself and your team
    Creating a "Visceral Vision"
  • Setting high standards
  • How to promote serious fun?
  • How to reduce employee turnover and MC's?
  • How to create a career development scheme within your department?
  • Managing poor performers and coaching them to excellence


  • The Collection's Cycle
  • Value of OVERDUE customers (CRM impacts)
  • Correctly focusing on the right accounts
  • Early, mid and late-stage strategies
  • Tips on writing "action oriented" Dunning Letters and Emails
  • Creating effective collection treatments
  • Generating the right reports
  • 6 easy steps of a collection call
  • How to create effective, professional scripts to collect more money; while keeping more customers?
  • How to find the "why" in debtors' excuses?
  • How to handle excuses, objections & irate customers (A.U.S + E technique)
  • Words to use and avoid in collections
  • Learn the "Master's Shortcuts": Speed tips to collect more money
  • Quick and easy negotiation techniques
  • How to conduct field visits?
  • Understand the tools in your collection tool box


  • When to bring out the "Hired Guns"
  • Importance of your agents and legal partners
  • Key selection criteria in choosing agents and lawyers
  • Managing agents and lawyers
  • Conducting agent and legal audits


  • Nature of the "beast", tips on collecting from corporates
  • Tips and guidelines on collecting from the government
  • Main causes of corporate and government delinquency
  • BIF'n & PIF'n and the corporate animal


  • Working with senior management
  • Avoiding "Friendly Fire": Working with Sales
  • Creating the "Credit Talk"
  • Helping your people avoid "Distress"
  • Simple stress tips for the stressful field of collections


  • Key trends in collections
  • Future technologies on the horizon: auto dialers, credit/behavioral scoring, voice recorders,
    ACD's, PABX's, advanced credit bureaus and the latest software systems
  • Books, magazines, resources and websites every A/R professional should know
R E G I S T R A T I O N   D E T A I L S

Program Details









Minimize Bad Debts,
Maximize Profits:
Strategies in Managing Accounts Receivables.

  • April 19-20, 2004
  • 9am-5pm daily
  • Holiday Villa Subang Jaya, Selangor DE.

Your Investment
RM 1,680 per person, inclusive of program manual, lunches and refreshments.

Early bird Incentive
Take 10% OFF the fee. Register and pay by 20 March 2004.

Team Attendance Highly Recommended
This is to facilitate successful implementation of the knowledge acquired from the program. Group Incentive 10% off for 3 or more from the same company.


Reservations can be made by telephone, fax or e-mail. Registration is confirmed on receipt of the registration form and payment cleared before the program date. If unable to do so due to government policy or company procedure, please advise late payment in writing.

Cancellations Policy

Full refund for written notice received 2 weeks before program. A 25% cancellations fee will be levied for late cancellations. No refund for cancellations received after12 April 2004. Substitutions are allowed.

HRD Council: SBL Scheme Organizations contributing to the HRD Fund may claim 100% of the approved training program fee. Please apply through your HR Department at least 14 days in advance of the program to expedite approval from HRDF. RAYMA will be pleased to assist in this process upon request.

RAYMA Guarantee Full refund if we do not deliver what we promise. Just turn in your workbook at the end of the program
We come to you In-Company Customised Learning Solutions. Need to develope entire teams? All our public programs, based on best practices, can be developed in partnership with you to meet your organization's specific requirements.
Registration & Enquiries

2B Jalan SS24/13, Taman Megah,
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Tel: +60 3 7804 4666/777/888
Fax:+60 3 7804 4484
Email : seminars@rayma.com.my

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