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Best Practice Procurement
and Supply Chain Management

Creating Substantial Value and Reducing Cost to your Business

       March 17-18, 2005 * Holiday Villa, Subang Jaya

Led by

World-Class Specialist
in Procurement & Supply Chain Management

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An excellent opportunity to acquire the latest strategic thinking on procurement that has become a priority for companies around the world to gain bottom-line improvements.
Benchmark your procurement operations against latest leading-edge practices of major consultancies, apply simple diagnostic software to analyse your current performance, and move closer to excellence.
Examine the journey to e-procurement: what are the e-procurement and e-commerce approaches being used in leading businesses around the world, and a checklist on how to introduce e-thinking into procurement.

Examine why the Process approach to Procurement and Supply Chain Management is one of the few untapped opportunities for profit improvement.


Extract the maximum strategic value from your procurement and supply chain activities. Return to your management team equipped with:

  • an understanding of why and how successful companies now expect Procurement and Supply Chain Management to make a major contribution to business results
  • an update of knowledge of key themes in world-class procurement
  • an ability to make solid contribution to business improvement
  • a knowledge of the value proposition
  • possible initiatives for step-change improvements in the way procurement is carried out
  • knowledge of tools which support the development of strategic procurement
  • approaches for measuring the performance of procurement operations
  • a personal action plan and the ability to develop a Scorecard
You will work with a progressive management case study to demonstrate and reinforce the learning from the seminar that builds up progressively through the modules to the stage of obtaining a result. This process will enable you to bring the applications to life through a structured approach to understanding the actions you need to take to achieve success.

Dramatically improve the value of your performance by strategically managing the procurement process!


The traditional measures of driving business improvement through process redesign, organisational restructuring and enhanced marketing have been fully exploited.

  • Costs in the field of procurement and the supply chain typically amount to 8 to 10% of turnover
  • “best in class companies” have close to half the procurement processing costs of an average company
  • Management teams have yet to recognise the benefits of how procurement and supply chain management can provide competitive advantage by creating a more agile, effective and responsive business.
  • Procurement and supply chain managers unfortunately often do not have the standing in the company to influence the management team
  • Management and software producers have invested significantly in software tools from customer relationship management to supplier relationship management and have high expectations that process initiatives and costs pay off.
This seminar, made up of six leading edge modules, captures the strategic thinking and steps on managing the value chain using a number of tools and methodologies that have been developed in recent years.This and the series of “action-planning” sessions will help you explore the opportunities that exist for own company.


  Procurement and supply chain is a continuous   process that enables companies to synchronize and   optimize activities, assets and resources at   strategic, tactical and operational levels and allows   the business to be managed as a single entity.
  • Where does the supply chain start and finish?
  • Which procurement strategies are deployed by leading-edge organizations?
  • What is the roadmap to moving to excellence?
  • What are the core themes of world-class supply chains?-cost, service, risk, managing effective supplier performance and across enterprise cooperation.
  • What are the key features of best practices?

A review of new initiatives in these core areas will be shared in addressing these issues.

Procurement and supply chain’s contribution can only be maximised if it is fully aligned with the business objectives

  • Are your procurement vision and objectives based on those of the business?
  • Are the business objectives understood by all involved in the procurement process?
  • Is there a review process involving management and  customers in place?

These questions will be addressed through a practical well- proven model for checking your company’s alignment. Action planning sessions will allow participants to discuss the actions they need to take to successfully move towards alignment. Examples from both private and public sector will be discussed

The procurement value proposition: where procurement brings the greatest value, and an overview of the latest thinking on managing the value chain. Learn techniques to differentiate between goods and services in context to their importance to the business and potential for improvement.

  • How is differentiation achieved and what are the benefits?
  • Where are you most at risk?
  • How does the supplier's view impact the choice of strategies?

Learn and apply a methodology to address these issues:

- Where to place effort for optimum results
- Risk analysis, both technical and financia
- Transition from high-level strategies to tactics
- Strategic supplier alliances
- Customer value drivers

Understand the models and hear of examples from industries from Pharmaceuticals to Defence

How will procurement change over the next ten years and what procurement staff can do to take advantage of the opportunities that will exist.

  • Why the "hype"?
  • Why is e-procurement important?
  • Why are many companies uncomfortable about e-procurement implementation?
  • Does e-procurement bring bottom-line benefits?

- Steps to ensure smooth implementation of e procurement
- Degrees of e-collaboration
- Taking cost out of the process
- E-sourcing strategies
- Analysis of the benefits
- Case study of successful examples

Many companies have difficulty in measuring procurement  and supply chain performance and its contribution to the bottom line.

  • What to measure?
  • How to measure?
  • Does bench marking play a part?

Self-assessment exercises to identify:
- Processes which need improvement
- Improvements offering greatest contribution
- Where limited resources should be focussed
- Quick wins

A diagnostic tool will be presented to help you compare the performance and processes of your own procurement operation with world-class standards. Learn to develop a Scorecard based on the output from the diagnostic tool.

In addition you will develop a simple personal action plan to drive your own contribution to business improvement.



  Converting knowledge into real action is a major problem for   many companies. The key is to manage each improvement   initiative as a project and set objectives that match   business needs.

  • Why is it necessary to 'projectize'?
  • How to reduce cost of your supply chains?
  • Why is the contribution of cross-discipline teams important?
  • Why should procurement initiatives deserve priority when competing for limited resources?

A model and case studies will be presented in the achievement of real results and in demonstrating its use in:
- Improving the supply chain for strategic purchases
- Importance of cross-functional teams
- Identifying cost drivers and applying cost levers
- Spend analysis
- Identifying opportunities
- Cost analysis 'the easy way'
- Project hypothesis and validation

The management “progressive case study” will be brought to its conclusion during this session with Teams delivering their individual solutions and results

  • Managing Directors & CEOs
  • Chief Operating Officers & Vice Presidents
  • Managers and executives with responsibilities for developing strategies and managing the supply chain from capital projects through manufacturing, marketing, retail and customer services.
  • Anyone in staff or line covering sourcing, systems, finance and distribution
The management “progressive case study” will be the thread of continuity through the two days and in addition you will be engaged in a series of ‘Management Team Meetings” for the purpose of discussing management issues, relating to procurement and supply chain management

Organisations that have benefited from Chris Jones…

Management Centre Europe
J.D Edwards Asia
Ikea Sweden AB
Defence Science Technology
PSA Corporation
Sembcorp Engineering International
Singapore Technologies Electronics
Esso Singapore
ST Aviation Services
Enzer Electronics
Keppel Logistics
Teijin Polycarbonate
Merck, Sharp & Dome
Housing & Development Board
National Semiconductor
Wincor Nixdorf
and the list goes on…

R E G I S T R A T I O N  D E T A I L S

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Best Practice Procurement
and Supply Chain Management
Creating Substantial Value and Reducing Cost to your Business

  • March 17-18, 2005
  • 9am-5pm daily
  • Holiday Villa Subang Jaya, Selangor D.E.

Your Investment
RM 1,880 per person, inclusive of program manual, lunches and refreshments.

Early bird Incentive
Take 10% OFF the fee.
Register and pay before 15 February 2005.

Team Attendance Highly Recommended
This is to facilitate successful implementation of the knowledge acquired from the program.
Group Incentive 10% off for 3 or more from the same company.


Reservations can be made by telephone, fax or e-mail. Registration is confirmed on receipt of the registration form and payment cleared before the program date.If unable to do so due to government policy or company procedure, please advise late payment in writing.

Cancellations Policy

Full refund for written notice received 2 weeks before program. A 25% cancellations fee will be levied for late cancellations. No refund for cancellations received after 20 February 2004. Substitutions are allowed.

RAYMA Guarantee Full refund if we do not deliver what we promise. Just turn in your workbook at the end of the program
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47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Tel: +60 3 7804 4666/777/888
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