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International Federation of Training and Development Organisations, Ltd USA secretary-general David Waugh <iftdo@shrm.org> wrote:

Dear Pat:

We are very proud of you and your staff and wish to express our deep appreciation for your outstanding service in your organisation's role in making IFTDO's 26th Conference a memorable event. We know that you spent long hours and experienced daunting challenges to achieve the commendable results that we and many other professionals benefited from. To create a successful global conference is a great feat because of the diversities in cultures and thinking and the environmental circumstances that one faces in planning and executing this type of learning event. In addition, you faced many other unforeseen challenges which you and your staff handled in a truly creative and professional manner.

Your contribution is remarkable in having created the appropriate environment for a "state-of-the-art" conference that took participants to new frontiers of learning and experiencing. The richness of the conference was evident in the intellectual and Malaysian cultural journey provided for the participants. You truly helped produce a "learning community" at the conference in which junior and senior HR professionals participated together and grew. Having the conference run well enabled every attendee to get maximum out of their financial and time investment. Your staff performed well as a team and successfully handled many of the innumerable conference details, such as on-site registration, with competence.

Thanks to you, future world IFTDO conference administrators will find it hard but will be challenged to go even further. IFTDO will truly benefit from this healthy professional competition. The entire HR profession will truly gain from a showcase of "best thinking and practices."

Your attention to ensuring that our organisational needs were met is something we will never forget. Everyone on your staff we encountered was totally gracious and served enthusiastically. What a model for other organisations to follow!

Again we and other IFTDO officials salute you. Best wishes in all your endeavors..

Bahrain Society of Training and Development President and Personal Assistant to Bahraini Prime Minister, Ebrahim Al Dossary <edossary@batelco.com.bh> wrote:

Dear Pat

As the president of BSTD, it gives me great pleasure to write you on behalf of all our 41 delegates who attended the 26th IFTDO conference including H.E. Our Minister of Labour and Social Affairs. Simply I would like to express our sincere appreciation for all the efforts that you had put to have made a great difference, and definitely you made this international conference as one of the best organized and most successful in comparison to the previous ones I had attended in other countries.

Your personal attention to the small details in ensuring the smooth operation of this international event had made the wonder.

In short you definitely set a new high standard for the future conferences and I am quite positive that other organizers in other countries had started to get worried in how to meet such standard.

By the way, we hope to be able to come to a deal with regards to RAYMA organizing our future World Conference that will be held in Bahrain in the year 2002.

Finally we wish you and all your great team of RAYMA greater success.

Malaysian Institute of Personnel Management secretary-general Thomas Chow <tmchow@pop.jaring.my> wrote:

Pat and Team:

After all the months of preparation, the haze, the currency crisis, prophets of doom, frustrations and moments of anxieties, we can proudly say that we have pulled it off. The delegates are happy (from the many personal contacts I have met) and the IFTDO Boards members have given the KL Conference a very high mark. We can all take pride that we have kept the Malaysian flag and spirit flying high. IAB Director Ibrahim Bajunid commented the Conference as world class. Of course, there are many more. The results speak for itself.

Please convey my thanks to all your staff for the excellent team work and perseverance they displayed. They certainly scored high marks on my score card. I am personally thankful to you and your team. Thankyouverymuch :)

If the Bahraini job comes through, which I certainly hope it will for you as you can lay claim to be the first Malaysian Conference Manager to manage an international conference overseas, which is certainly rare. If time permits, of course I look forward to the opportunity to team up with you. Lets keep in touch.

Warm regards.

Buzan Centre Singapore Pte Ltd MD Dilip Mukerjea, Author of 'Superbrain', 'Brainfinity' and 'Surfing the Intellect' <dilip@pacific.net.sg> wrote:

My dear Pat,

This letter is prompted by my recent experience at the 26th IFTDO World Conference whereby I was significantly impressed by the management of all proceedings. The events went off like clockwork, and I would like to say 'Hearty Congratulations' to you and your magnificent team for the superb orchestration of events. Pretty Terrific!

I know now that RAYMA will lead Malaysia into the next millennium where big-time events are concerned. Very well done and may you have innumerable more resounding successes.

Warmest regards.

Arabian Society for Human Resource Management President Saeed A. Al-Khabaz <khabazsa@aramco.com.sa> wrote:

Dear Pat

I can not say it enough times, but your team did a wonderful job organizing the Conference. Congratulations and my compliments to the team and the leader.

Vietnam NGO Training Project Director wrote:

Dear Rayma

Congratulations on your excellent organisation of the IFTDO Conference. I have attended many international Conferences, and this one was easily the friendliest and best organised. Well done to you and your team.

Institute Advertising Communication Training Executive Director Lee Kok Leong wrote:

Dear Pat

Thank you for managing the National Conference on Winning Sales Promotion through Creativity and Discipline on April 24, 1996. I am pleased with the efficient organisation and execution of the whole conference by your staff.

I would like to appoint Rayma Management Consultants to be the Conference Manager for our upcoming 7th IAA Education Conference from October 29 to November 2, 1996. This conference is held in collaboration with the International Advertising Association (New York).

Philip Kotler wrote:
Every of my needs were anticipated and things arranged perfectly on time...

Jack Trout & Al Ries wrote:
We were very impressed with the efficiency of your organization...
The entire team was first-rate in every respect...

John A. Quelch wrote:
Congratulations on the advance planning and excellent attention to the execution of every detail...

Dr George Day wrote:
... quality and professionalism in the conduct of my seminar, your reputation for thoroughness is well deserved, and an important source of advantage.

Aileen Bridgewater wrote:
The management of my seminars were faultless......

The list goes on...!



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