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HIGH TECH High Touch and Business - new Panel Discussion
The Pill, Viagra and the Female Vote Foong Wai Fong
Asia to Get Serious with Cultural Industries Foong Wai Fong
Asian Entrepreneurs Driving A Cultural Renaissance Foong Wai Fong
Flight Into 2000: Flight To A New Culture for Accountability Foong Wai Fong
Time For A Woman President - Anyone has trouble with that? Foong Wai Fong
World Class begins with Making Sure Everything Works! Foong Wai Fong
The New Asian Way, Rebuilding Asia Through Self-Reliance

Foong Wai Fong
Challenge Business Rules to Win
Yew Kam Keong
Jump Start The Nation, Jump Start Yourself First!
Jeffri Lewis
What Does the Recent Meteor Shower Tells Us about Leadership at Schools and Us?
Foong Wai Fong
An Open Letter to the Prime Minister on National Day:
Rebuilding Malaysia by Creating a New Beginning

Fellow Malaysians
True Leadership
Neale Donald Walsch
The Truth About Failure
Robert Schuller
Asia: The Collapse and the Cure
Lester Thurow
Target Characteristics for Facilitator Candidates
Amy Wan
Finite and Infinite Games:
Has the East Asia Evolved a New Form of Capitalism?

Charles Hampden-Turner
Two Visions of Globalism
Charles Hampden-Turner
Managing at The Edge
Danah Zohar
Enter BrainPower, Exit HorsePower!
Dilip Mukerjea
We are Our Past:
I am the Sum Total of My Past
Pat Lu

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