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  1. Leave it to the experts. To each, their expertise. Organizing top-level events, with national and international participation is complex, time consuming and can be problematic. It can be a death sentence, that is, if you leave it to amateurs.

    RAYMA has been managing conferences and seminars since 1987. With the right group of people, nothing is impossible!

    We plan them imaginatively.
    We organize them intelligently.

    However complex your requirements, our team of professionals will manage them efficiently and economically.

  2. We know exactly what to do. Our strength lies in our expertise and knowledge of the industry coupled with an in-depth understanding of the crucial elements that contribute to a successful event. Being a marketing and positioning strategist is an added advantage. As your Conference Managers, we also reduce the many tactical, strategic and logistic problems associated with the smooth running of events.

    Our dedicated conference professionals are able to focus attention from the very start to the very end in planning, organizing and carrying out Conference assignments to the last detail.

    Having organized hundreds of events both local and international for more than a decade, we at RAYMA understand the importance of attending to details.

    We do not react; we pro-act.
    We don't merely attend to requests as they arise.
    We anticipate and satisfy needs before they arise.

  3. Proactive solutions. It is important to note that because we provide leadership services we are a consulting firm rather than just a meeting planning company. We take a proactive role, rather than a subordinate role, not only in our management style but in constantly providing advice, options, and constructive criticism toward the goals of your meeting.

    We believe it is our responsibility to provide you with the latest guidance on logistics management, budget and finance and other crucial management issues. It is our philosophy that it is not enough simply to manage the details of your event.

    We are committed to work hand-in-hand with you from start to end, face the on-going challenges, identify and implement alternatives, to achieve the defined goals of your event.

  4. Our Services. Just select a combination from among the many services listed below and we would be happy to craft a proposal for you:
    • Meeting planning or conference agenda development
    • Public and Media Relations
    • Conference marketing (direct mail, fax and electronic)
    • Conference registration services and help center including credit card and account facilities
    • Pre-event coordination and logistics
    • Onsite staffing and logistics
    • Venue/Hotel booking*

      We pride ourselves on our excellent relationship with all hotels of quality.
      We do not endorse any hotel and do not have a relationship with any hotel as a preferred vendor. WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU is that we will select those sites that BEST MEET YOUR NEEDS. This will result in the best service, site and contract for you.

  5. Our track record speaks for itself. With RAYMA wealth of experience and a dedicated team of professionals, here's what they say...

    Buzan Centre Singapore Pte Ltd MD Dilip Mukerjea, Author of 'Superbrain', 'Brainfinity' and 'Surfing the Intellect' wrote:

    The events went off like clockwork, and I would like to say 'Hearty Congratulations' to you and your magnificent team for the superb orchestration of events. Pretty Terrific!

    Bahrain Society of Training and Development President and Personal Assistant to Bahraini Prime Minister, Ebrahim Al Dossary wrote:
    ...you made this international conference as one of the best organized and most successful in comparison to the previous ones I had attended in other countries. In short you definitely set a new high standard for future conferences and I am quite positive that other organizers in other countries had started to get worried in how to meet such standard.

    International Federation of Training and Development Organisations, Ltd USA secretary-general David Waugh wrote:
    Thanks to you, future world IFTDO conference administrators will find it hard but will be challenged to go even further... Everyone on your staff we encountered was totally gracious and served enthusiastically. What a model for other organisations to follow!

    The long winded versions ;)

  6. Contact Us!
    The more specific you are, the more helpful we can be.
    Contact Pat Lu at tel: +60.3.7804.4666, fax: +60.3.7804.4484, or email: teammates@rayma.com.my. We will do our best to respond to your inquiry within the next 24 hours.

    Request for Proposal

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