The Gift of Life
Share your life. Share your decision.
Make the gift of life,
Be useful to the end.

Death and organ donation are difficult issues to think, let alone talk about. And if it's hard for us now, imagine how it might feel during the death of a loved one.  The medical staff who fought to save the patient's life find it just as difficult to accept death and talk about it. 

Making a decision to donate the organs & tissues of a loved one who just passed away may not be easy. 

It is by pledging our organs and tissues during our lifetime that we make this decision making process easier and less stressful for our relatives.

By signing up with the National Donor Registry you will be allowing your organs and tissues to be used for transplantation after death.

This will help save lives.

This is will be a gift of life.

C -O -N -T -E -N -T -S

BACKGROUND gives you a brief description how this Organ Donation Campaign came about and why we champion this cause to increase the number of organ & tissue donors in Malaysia.

FAQ attempts to anwer questions frequently raised on organ and tissue donation.

LINKS offer additional resources for organ donation related web sites.

SIGN UP is a form to pledge your organs & tissues.

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"Many lives
could be saved
if more people became organ
and tissue

Thatís why
Iím doing my
part to help
in this

Please make
the decision to become an
organ and
tissue donor. 

Itís the
right thing
to do."


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