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Pat Lu's Life ExperiencesWhere nothing's impossible!

"If we don't dream of the possible,
the possible never happens."
~ Christopher Reeve

This is no ordinary website. You are embarking on a journey.
An adventure. The result of a dream. A desire. A goal.
Armed with only RM200 in the pocket - back in 1987.
A dream that began a momentum.
A momentum now unstoppable...

Just before you continue, I'd like to challenge you - yes, YOU! reading now :) - to begin YOUR dream and journey today. You can do it too! Step out in faith. For when you focus your intention and your spirit - your passion - behind your dream, it will become REAL.

Begin YOUR Dream today - don't let your passions slip away. As Goethe once said: "Begin it now." Please view The Power of Possibility Thinking (flash)
- A powerful short presentation created for you by RAYMA Sdn Bhd for all who wish to be all they can be.

Alternatively, tell us what you want; we'll tell you how to get there...

With love

Pat Lu
Chief Imagination Officer
RAYMA People

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