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Leadership and Strategy Managing Planning
E-business Marketing Sales
Negotiation Communication Customer Satisfaction
Team Building Time Management Media Relations
Finance and Accounting Human Resources and Training Secretaries and Admin Assistants
Personal Development Manufacturing Quality


  1. How to Deliver Winning Presentations  2
  2. Effective Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals  2
  3. Mastering the Art of Effective Communication  2
  4. Smart Talk: The Art of Savvy Business Conversation  1
  5. Communication Skills for Secretaries  1
  6. Communication Skills for Managers  1
  7. Listen and Be Listened To   1
  8. How to Sharpen Your Business Writing Skills  2
  9. How to Write Dynamic Business Proposals  2
  10. How to Write and Present Business Proposals and Plans to Banks and Financial Institutions  1
  11. Business Writing: When English is a Second Language  2
  12. Communication and Interpersonal Skills: A Seminar for Technical Professionals   1
  13. Cross-Functional Communication: Strategies for Workplace Effectiveness 
  14. Accelerated Language Training: Conversational in 5 Days  5
  15. Advanced Executive Speaking   2
  16. Effective Presentation Skills For Technical Professionals  2
  17. Strategies for Writing an Effective Presentation   2
  18. Strategies for Developing Effective Presentation Skills Effective Executive Speaking   2
  19. Maximizing Customer Contact Skills  2
  20. Effective Technical Writing   2
  21. Listening and Writing: Building a Foundation for Better Communication   2
  22. Projecting A Positive Executive Image  2
  23. Telephone Courtesy Pays Off


Customer Satisfaction

  1. Client Focus: Building Consulting Relationships  2
  2. Achieving the Competitive Edge with Customer Service  2
  3. Keeping Customers for Life  2
  4. Managing the Customer Satisfaction Process  2
  5. How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service  2
  6. We Do Care: Creating the Attitude of Service  2
  7. Public Relations: Strategies For Success  1
  8. Managing Superior Customer Service  2
  9. How to Compete More Effectively With Value-added Services  2


Team Building

  1. Championship Teams: How to build high-performance teams  2
  2. Emotional Intelligence-based Innovative Team Building  2
  3. Building Effective & Synergistic Teams for Corporate Survival  2


Time Management

  1. Taking Control with Time Management  1
  2. Effective Time Management  1
  3. Time Management for Executive Secretaries & Administrative Assistants  1


Media Relations 

  1. Effective Media Relations Strategies  2
  2. How to Communicate with the Press to Promote Your Company’s
  3. Products and Corporate Image   1
  4. How to Write Press Releases that Get Published  2
  5. Crisis Management: How to Handle the Press and Interviews   2

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