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The Specialists

We only work with the very best, the world class specialists, in their respective fields. Below, is a short listing of the numerous experts worldwide you could tap on for the latest thinking and skills to succeed in this killer competition world.

By the way, we have a money-back guarantee. Be it a public program or an in-house program, a full refund if we do not deliver what we promised. Just turn in your workbook to us at the end of the day!

  • Rich Allen
  • Steven Lesser
  • Steve Rivkin
  • Graham Cunningham
  • Eric Loo
  • Valentina Stolar
  • Peggy Goh
  • Barry Lowe
  • Victor SL Tan
  • Daryl Guppy
  • Cecile Torda Lowe
  • Jack Trout
  • Richard Houghton
  • David Ng
  • Amy Wan
  • Jay Kanampully
  • David W Rector
  • Adrienne Zoble
  • Janet Kelly
  • Al Ries

    Rich Allen
    At 39, Rich Allen has led a life of constant exploration and learning. Recently he formed his own company, The Learning Dynamics Institute, which presents a variety of seminars and workshops. The Creative Expression Experience, The Power Workshop, The Power to Train and Precision Languaging are some of his latest creations, combining his previous experience with several innovative ideas. Over the past five years they have been presented extensively throughout the United States, Australia and New Zealand.
    Rich Allen graduated Magna cum Laude from Arizona State University in 1979 with a B.F.A. Degree in Drama, with emphasis in Directing. He moved to New York City to explore a life of acting, and starred in several Off-Broadway productions, including Othello and Neil Simon's The Good Doctor. The desire for clean air and sunshine eventually inspired him to move to Hawaii where he began his teaching career by joining the staff of Punahou School, one of the top five prep schools in the United States.

    It was while teaching at the high school level the unique combination of maths and drama that Rich first entered the training field, leading weekend workshops for teens focusing on Ropes Course events and Learning to Learn activities. After four years in the islands he returned to the mainland to begin leading training seminars on a full-time basis.

    For the last ten years, Rich has split his time between leading corporate seminars, creating personal growth workshops for adults, and directing accelerated learning programmes for teens. At the Pecos River Learning Center headquarted in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Rich had the opportunity to lead value alignment, motivational, and vision development programmes for companies such as Dupont, AT&T, General Motors, IBM and Porsche. He worked closely with Larry Wilson, co-author of The One Minute Sales Person and owner of the centre, in the creation and development of these programmes. At various times he played all roles for them, including Lead Trainer, Ropes Course Director, and Creativity Facilitator - a position he personally designed and implemented.

    Between corporate experiences, Rich has been a Director for SuperCamp, a 10-day accelerated learning programme for teens. As Director, he is responsible for training the staff, overseeing the entire programme, and teaching the Life Skills portions of the course, including the topics of team building, relationship skills, and communication skills. Rich has also produced a motivational videotape for SuperCamp, a nationwide bestselling product. In the summer of 1990 he led the team that took the SuperCamp programme to new frontiers, presenting the experience in Moscow, Singapore, and later in Hong Kong.

    While leading programmes on national and international levels, Rich has not forgotten his artistic roots. In the summer of 1990 he released his first solo album - Songs from the Heart - a collection of material he personally composed. Several of the songs are ones he uses in the presentations of his seminar material. In 1991 he went on to create a storytelling album for children - Observations from the Gentle Star. Rich narrates four unique tales set to music, some of which are used to illustrate key points during his programmes. He is currently at work on his third album.


    Graham Cunningham
    Graham Cunningham has a BA in Psychology and a M.Phil in Management Science. His international management experience was gained with IBM which he joined upon leaving university and where he spent twelve years in Sales and in Business Planning. He left IBM in the mid 1980’s and joined the faculty of the European Business Management School, University of Wales. Here he taught Business Planning & Organisational Development at both undergraduate and post-graduate levels. At the same time he founded his own international training and development practice.

    Subsequently, Graham worked in more than 25 European countries, the Middle East, Asia and the USA. He has developed individuals at all levels from the Boardroom to the shop floor in a wide variety of industries. His specialist interest is in organisational transformation and the management of change and personal development.

    Companies that have attended Graham's programmes include Microsoft, Smithkline Beecham, Whirlpool, Ericsson Hewlett-Packard Telecom AB, Roche, National Bank of Oman Ltd., Digital Microwave Corporation, Texas Instruments, Hewlett Packard, Schlumberger, Novartis Pharma, Gulf Air, Johnson & Johnson, Levis Strauss, Global One Communications, KOC Kuwait Oil Co., Sony Broadcast & Professional Europe, ABB Asea Brown Boveri AG, Swift, Mobil Plastics Europe, Emirates Bank International, United Distillers Europe.

    Graham's recent in-house clients include Nestle, Philip Morris Inc, Perstorp, R J Reynolds, Warsila Diesel, Heineken, Coca Cola, Montell, Schenker International, Egmont, Merck Sharp & Dohme and GTECH.


    Peggy Goh
    Mrs. Peggy Goh is the Executive Director of Speak-rite Centre. She holds a Bachelor of Arts
    (Western Australia), Post-Graduate Diploma in Public Administration (University Malaya),
    Masters in Arts (Ohio, USA), Certificate in Speaking (Guildhall, London), and Performance
    Certificate in Effective Speaking (Trinity, London).

    She began her career as a journalist in the Straits Times Press. She then joined the MARA
    Institute Technology as a lecturer in Economics and later assumed the position of Senior Lecturerin Economics. She took optional retirement in 1987, and has since been fully involved in theteaching of spoken English.

    She has formulated and conductedprogrammes on Speak Better English, Effective Speaking Course and Oral Communication for secondary and tertiary educational level students and working adults; and Specialised English Seminars and Workshops for junior, middle management and top-level executives and entrepreneurs.


    Daryl Guppy
    "There are fortunes to be made - and lost - in the stock market.
    Better traders make, and keep, these fortunes..."

    Daryl Guppy is one of Asia Pacific's leading writers and speakers on share trading. He is a member of the International Federation of Technical Analysts and the Australian Technical Analysts Association.

    He is the author of several books including

    He edited, and contributed new material to, the Australian editions of the US classics, THE BASICS OF SPECULATING and DAY TRADERS ADVANTAGE. He is a regular contributor to the Sydney Futures Exchange magazine, YOUR TRADING EDGE and the US magazine TECHNICAL ANALYSIS OF STOCKS AND COMMODITIES.

    He trades from a very remote location, his home in Katherine in the Northern Territory, some
    3,000 kms from the nearest Exchange. As a result he makes full use of electronic advantages to actively trade the market and to keep in contact with other Australian overseas traders. As a technical trader he relies mainly on chart and live market information to make trading

    He speaks frequently at all the major Australian Stock Exchanges and has given conference briefings for brokerage private clients. He is a guest speaker at the SFE open days in
    Melbourne and Brisbane. He also runs his own seminars, and brokerage sponsored seminars, throughout Australia and in Asia. He has presented several on-line workshop conferences for the US based Compuserve Investors Forum.


    Richard Houghton
    Richard is a highly experienced trainer with a proven track record in sales and extensive management skills. Originally from the Retail sector, but now predominantly involved in Direct Sales and the Financial Services industry, both in the UK and South East Asia.

    With over 13 years in Retail, 7 in senior management successfully building teams of up to 24 staff and with 2 years as a regional trainer designing and implementing a wide range of courses for staff at all levels, Richard identified an opportunity and chose to move into Direct Sales and the Financial Services industry.

    Encompassing over 12 years of successful and varied experience in the industry, Richard initially started as a Sales Associate and quickly achieved accolades and rewards. Management positions followed both in sales and subsequently training, building teams of highly successful and motivated individuals.

    Richard concieved, designed and implemented various training courses for both managers and field staff where the utilization of his skills led to a significant role in Compliance, actively monitoring, assessing, coaching and investigating the standards being achieved.

    Richard is now the co-Director of Torgate Training & Consultancy Ltd., with his activities in UK and South East Asia. In Malaysia he worked with Maybank and provided very specific training for both management and staff on Financial Services.


    Jay Kandampully
    Dr. Jay Kandampully is the managing director of the Institute of Service Management, a New Zealand based management consulting and training organisation. Jay is also a senior lecturer in Services Management at Lincoln University, New Zealand and a leading international authority in service quality management.

    Jay has almost spend two decades of practice and education in the field of service management/ service quality, modelling those who have consistently produced a passion and level of energy and well-being that allows them to contribute to others while pursuing and achieving their dreams. According to Jay, service is nothing more than offering the very best and receiving the ultimate.

    Jay received his undergraduate degree from Austria and his MBA (Service Marketing) and Ph.D (Service Quality Management) from England. His educational qualifications have been well supported by nine years of managerial experience in Austria, India and the USA. He has served as a consultant for many organisations in the USA, England, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Middle East and India.

    Jay’s passion and knowledge in services renders him a compelling speaker and trainer. He has presented numerous papers at international management conferences and has been a keynote speaker at various business functions. Jay has published over 30 articles; written and edited two management books.


    Janet Kelly
    Janet has over 20 years experience in sales and sales training throughout North American, Europe and South East Asia. Initially starting as a Real Estate Agent, Janet moved into training and was instrumental into creating training programmes for new agents.

    Several years were spent in America with a large Real Estate franchise organisation helping to develop continual Real Estate training not only for the agents, but also for the franchisors. Time was also spent with franchises in a management capacity to aide in branch activity.

    A move to UK opened new areas of sales and training - the Direct Sales Industry. Janet very quickly developed an understanding of the people and the potential marketplace and succeeded with several companies in developing sales teams and training programmes.

    After several years as an independent trainer and consultant, Janet jointly formed Torgate Training & Consultancy Ltd. with Richard Houghton, and is the co-Director of the company. They have since been designing and conducting training courses both in UK and in South East Asia.


    Steven Lesser
    is an industry and services consultant with over 30 years experience in the strategic consulting, development & implementation of organizational change, marketing & sales, and project management for multi-national and regional companies worldwide.

    He has done considerable work with organizations to reenergise teams, build strength from crisis and implement strong recovery strategies.

    As InfoWorks International's Regional Chief Executive Officer, he established the partnership with the Chicago based founders in 1991. Steve manages the full time operations for the Asia Pacific region. Major clients include Motorola, Bridgestone, McDonalds, Maybank, Petronas, Countrywide Bank, NEC, Citibank, Bank West and many others. He has been actively consulting and training in the South East Asian Region for over eight years.

    Client implementations include state-of-the-art development and implementation of retail, commercial, sales & marketing programs for multi-national and regional companies as well as small business development programs and sales leadership strategies. In addition, he frequently consults with major companies in the integration of systems and information technology support in areas of marketing, sales, relationship selling, credit and company training using traditional and alternative delivery systems.

    As a visiting university lecturer, he teaches several market related programs at both graduate (MBA) and undergraduate level, specializing in marketing, retailing and finance disciplines. A prolific author, Steve has published many articles relating to implementation of strategies, financial markets, marketing and sales.

    He is currently collaborating on a book and training outcomes related to the leading of organizations through the management of ideas. He is also involved in the provision of advise, articles and reviews for publishers in Australia.

    A frequent speaker at local, regional and international financial and strategic conferences, Steve believes that real success comes from integrating effective market sales plans with the development of long term strategic retail and commercial business relationships.


    Eric Loo
    Eric Loo (MA Journalism) is Senior Lecturer in Graduate School of Journalism, University of Wollongong in Australia. In the late 70s and 80s, Eric was a freelance writer of The Star, National Echo, a financial journalist with Business Times, and editor of Asia Travel Post in
    Malaysia; the Daily Express and The Review Magazine in Manila. He emigrated to Australia in 1986 to work as a journalist with The Voice, an independent weekly tabloid, and later as editor of the Asia-Australia Review magazine.

    From 1993 till now, Eric has conducted various training workshops in journalism in Australia and Malaysia. He is also a keen World Wide Web page developer. He currently maintains the Web home pages of the Graduate School of Journalism, University of Wollongong and Asian Journalism Network in Australia.


    Barry Lowe
    Barry Lowe is a media educator with Journalism background from Deakin University, Australia and Master of Arts from University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia.
    Presently he is pursuing his Ph.D. from UNSW. Barry was a practicing journalist for many years. The areas he covered include: Australia, Far East and East Asia, Pacific, Western and Eastern Europe.

    He worked for all major media outlets in Australia: newspaper, radio and television. From 1992 onwards, he has been working as a Lecturer and Associate Professor in universities and Hong Kong. He has taught a broad range of subjects including: Mass Media and Communication, Communication Theory, Journalism Research, Media Writing, Mass Communication and Society and others.

    He has taught both in undergraduate and post-graduate levels. He is a published author of
    a book entitled: Media Mythologies. He has published articles in major journals and academic publications. He has also produced a number of documentaries.


    Cecile Torda Lowe
    Cecile Torda Lowe is a consultant and senior trainer with over ten years of experience in the fields of Media, Communication, Human Resources, Management, Advertising, Marketing
    and related fields in Australia, Philippines and Hong Kong. She holds a Journalism Degree from Lyceum University, Manila, Philippines, and New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. Currently she is pursuing doctorate degree at City University, Hong Kong.

    She has accumulated ten years' experience as manager in various organizations in Australia and the Philippines, and five years experience as a teacher in secondary and tertiary levels. The organizations she has worked for include: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), WESTPAC Banking Corporation, Australia; Advertising and Marketing Associates,
    Philippines; and Development Academy of the Philippines.


    David Ng

    David S.H. Ng holds a Bachelor in Business Administration degree, majoring in Finance from Oklahoma State University, USA. He is also a graduate of the Master in Business Administration programme from the University of Malaya. He is currently the Senior Consultant in charge of Corporate Finance and Business Planning.

    Through his 14 years of career, he has held various position starting as aFinancial Analyst with Federal Land Development Authority (FELDA) with his key duties include:

    • Preparation of projects feasibility studies for proposal foreign bank financing such as the World Bank, Kuwait fund for Economic Development, and Asian Development Bank. These studies cover project costings, cash flows projections, project evaluation and risks analysis.
    • Preparation of costing for both administrative and capital expenditure.
    • Manage ongoing and problem loans so as to minimise financial charges.

    He was also a Budgeting / Finance Executive in charge of

    • Preparation of departmental budget, allocation of funds to different projects and implementing cost control and reduction strategies for the company.
    • Financial planning to ensure sufficient funds for payments to suppliers, contractors and other administrative costs.
    • Treasury functions.
    • Overseeing the adherence to financial control system for compliance with internal and external auditors’ requirements.

    He has also serve as a Contract and Administration Manager with the following

    • Responsible for the overall tendering process for agriculture work, engineering, and general services.
    • Verification of work standards and procedures before endorsement of payments to contractors.

    David had five years of lecturing and training exposure in various colleges within
    the Klang Valley. He has conducted lectures in Economics and Financial Management for professional students pursuing the ACCA, CIMA, ICSA, ABE and CIM examinations. Some of the companies that have benefited from his in-house programme include Uniphone Sdn Bhd, Hume Readymix Sdn Bhd, SESCO Bhd and CELCOM.


    David W Rector
    David W Rector is the founder and senior consultant of David Rector & Associates, an organisation development and management training firm.

    He has been a successful organisation development consultant for more than 17 years, providing management consultation and training from front line employees to senior executive levels. He headed internal organisation development offices of the US Army Criminal Investigation Command and the US Army Military Personnel Center. He was a principal consultant in the implementation of a process improvement programme, a quality of working life programme and a major reorganisation.

    David is an expert in the field of organisational leadership and quality and has been involved with several organisations in developing management systems which align the efforts of each individual with the mission and goals of the organisation. His work also focuses on the communication processes and their impact on influence skills and he has assisted countless companies in developing a vision: strategic planning, leadership, team building and the implementation of total quality management, self-directed work teams and problem-solving teams.

    International companies, as well as US national organisations that have benefitted from David’s expertise include Merck & Co, Honda World, Texaco, Pitney-Bowes, Gateway 2000, SKF, Rohm Tech Inc, Saudia Catering (Saudi Arabia), the US Army Military Personnel Center, Pfizer Inc, Astra Merck, Burger King Corporation, Chrysler Financial Corporation, Empire Plastics, Crown Central Petroleum Corporation, Eastman Kodak Company, Nationwide Insurance Company, Cytec, Framatome Technologies Inc and Solvay Pharmaceutical.


    Al Ries
    Al Ries is Chairman of Ries & Ries, a Great Neck, New York marketing firm which has done strategic work for many major corporations. Some of their recent clients include: Alcoa, Connaught Labs, Datastream, Glaxo Wellcome, K-Swiss, Pillsbury, SalesLogix, Toyota, Motorola and Merck.

    With Jack Trout, Al Ries is the co-author of the industry classic, Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind, published in 1980 by McGraw-Hill.

    Besides the critical acclaim and wide coverage given this book, the principle of "positioning" itself has been the subject of articles in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, as well as a variety of publications from Canada to Australia, Finland to Japan.

    In 1985 Al Ries and Jack Trout wrote a second best-selling book entitled Marketing Warfare. Crossing marketing thinking with some principles of the famous Prussian military strategist, Carl von Clausewitz, this book also received wide acclaim. The two books are available in a total of 17 different languages.

    In 1988, they wrote Bottom-Up Marketing a book which attacks some of management's most cherished concepts, including goals, mission statements and strategic planning. Their revolutionary concept: "Strategy should be developed from the bottom up, not the top down".

    In 1990, they wrote Horse Sense, a book which applies marketing principles to the marketing of people. It attacked much of the conventional wisdom of how to become successful. "Find a horse to ride", is the authors' advice. A horse can be a product, an idea, a company or even another person.

    In 1993, they wrote The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, a book which outlines the basic reasons why marketing programmes succeed or fail in the competitive 90s. "Violate them at your own risk", they caution. The book has been on bestseller lists around the world, including Mexico, Argentina and Germany. In 1993, the book was the bestselling business book in India.

    Al Ries' latest book, Focus: The Future of Your Company Depends on It, was published by HarperCollins in April 1996.


    Steve Rivkin
    "Naming something may be the most universal aspect of being in business. After all, you don't have to advertise, promote, package, do point-of-sale, or train for customer sensitivity. You don't even (perish the thought ...) have to position yourself. But whether it's your company, division, product, or service, you do have to call the baby something. So why not choose a name that works overtime? A name that actually starts the positioning process ..."

    Steve Rivkin, the World's Number One Naming Strategist, has a diverse background in marketing, advertising, corporate communications, naming, identity, public affairs and journalism.

    President of Rivkin & Associates, Inc. (1989), a marketing and communications consultancy, his firm completed naming assignments for more than 75 companies in consumer products, technology, healthcare and financial services. Among them, he created proprietary names for Allen-Bradley, Chanel, Kraft General Foods, MasterCard International, Monsanto, Pfizer, Sallie Mae, Schein Pharmaceuticals, Tiffany & Co, Trilion Diamonds and Wendy's.

    Prior to forming his own firm, Steve spent 15 years with Trout & Ries Inc., the prestigious marketing and positioning strategies firm known for its pioneering work in "Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind". Steve is the co-author (with positioning strategist Jack Trout) of the book's sequel "The New Positioning: The Latest on the World's #1 Business Strategy".

    Steve is a much sought-after speaker on marketing and communications topics, and has appeared at more than 200 seminars, conferences and retreats.


    Valentina Stolar
    Valentina Stolar is the Managing Director of Aspire Pty Ltd, an international management consultancy firm, specialising in Human Resource Development. Valentina regularly conducts workshops in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and London as well as Australia.

    After graduating from the University of Queensland, Valentina’s training and consulting career began in the construction industry where she designed and implemented a range of successful training activities in accident prevention and industrial safety. This was followed by a period as a Training Adviser with the Australian Government establishing their consulting and training departments.

    Prior to becoming an independent consultant in 1986, Valentina worked for the Australian Institute of Management, where, as a Human Resource Manager she specialised in conducting their Management Training programmes, as well as workshops in Effective Negotiation Skills, Communication Skills and Conflict Resolution.

    In training negotiations, Valentina can advise and help with almost any single negotiation situation, be it international, legal, sales, professional or commercial. Some of her recent negotiation skills clients in Australia include; QANTAS, Ampol Australia Ltd, National Australia Bank, Argyle Diamond Mines, The Roads and Traffic Authority (N.S.W), Conrad International Hotel and BHP.

    Recent international clients include:

      Television Corporation of Singapore, Singapore Airlines, Singapore Trade Development Board, Port of Singapore Authority, Thomson Multi Media, Ipco, Eveready, Abacus
      Merchant Bankers Association, KTMB, Bank Bumiputra, Institut Bank-Bank Malaysia
      Hutchison Whampoa Limited, John Swire & Sons (HK) Ltd, Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation, Hong Kong Productivity Council
    • LONDON
      Moscow Norodny Bank.


    Victor SL Tan
    Dr Victor S.L. Tan is currently the Managing Director of KL Strategic Change Consulting Group. He has more than 25 years of experience in consulting, banking, strategic planning and training. He has held the position of Senior Corporate Planner of one of the leading commercial banks in Malaysia for many years. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Elmira College , New York , an MBA from the Ohio State University , Columbus , Ohio , U.S. A and a PhD from Hawaii , U.S.A. He has won the Phi Beta Kappa Award, the highest academic honors given for overall achievement for universities in U.S.A.

    As a manager with Andersen Consulting, he played a key role in building up the Change Management practice in Kuala Lumpur office. He has been extensively involved in undertaking consulting work for companies both locally and internationally in business reengineering, organisation restructuring and in implementing organisation change. He was the project director who lead a team of consultants to undertake an organisation restructuring job and setting the long term strategic directions and formulating a vision for a large property and public listed group in Indonesia . He had also undertaken many change management, culture development and human resource development courses for various companies for over 350 local and international companies. Todate, he has trained over 400,000 leaders and executives. His list of clients which has engaged his services include American Express, Bank Negara Malaysia, BMG Malaysia, BMG Entertainment International, Chief Minister's Department, Sarawak, Dell Asia, Felda Plantations, Fujitsu Microelectonics (M) Sdn Bhd, KPMG Peat Marwick, Prime Minister's Department, Securities Commission, Summarecon Agung(Jakarta, Indonesia), Sarawak Economic Development Corporation and Telekom Malaysia Berhad.

    DR Victor S.L. Tan has been through the mills working in many large corporations as an executive himself starting from the bottom as graduate trainee right up to General Manager position. He was the General Manager of a public listed company before he left to set up his own consulting practice through KL Strategic Change Consulting.

    Victor is a powerful and dynamic speaker. He has won several public speaking championships from the Institute of Bankers Malaysia . He is a prolific writer who has more than 300 of his management articles published based on his experience as a management practitioner as well as an international consultant. His articles has appeared in The Banker's Journal, Certified Management Digest, The New Straits Times, The STAR, The Executive Today and the Malaysian Tatler. Victor is the author of five management best namely; Change To Win, Changing Mindsets, Releasing Trapped Minds, Changing Your Corporate Culture and The Change Wizards. His books have also been translated into Bahasa Malaysia . His most recent international recognition has been his selection as a member of Barons Who's Who Of The Asian Pacific.


    Jack Trout
    "Marketing is not a battle of products. It is a battle of Perceptions!"

    In 1969, Jack Trout wrote a paper entitled "Positioning is a Game People Play in Today's Me-Too Marketplace". That concept and the knowledge has come to the forefront as the best marketing strategy in this century. The author became immortal as one of the world's best-know marketing gurus.

    Jack Trout is the acclaimed co-author of 6 industry classics published in 18 languages: -

    He is the President of Trout & Partners Ltd., based in Connecticut. He has consulted for Fortune 500 companies and leading corporations such as AT&T, IBM, Chase Manhattan, Procter & Gamble, Lotus, Merck, Southwest Airlines, Warner-Lambert, and others.

    Described as the "World's Foremost Marketing Strategist", Trout is the originator of Positioning, The Brand Extension Trap, Marketing Warfare, Bottom-Up Marketing and other concepts in marketing strategy. He has over 40 years of extensive experience in advertising and marketing, and in the 1980s became the boardroom advisor to some of the world's largest corporations. His worldwide consulting work gives him first-hand experience about developments in marketing across numerous corporations and countries. He has gained worldwide reputation as consultant, writer, speaker and proponents of leading-edge marketing strategies.


    Amy Wan
    "Give to the world the best you have, and the best will come back to you"
    - Madeleine Bridges

    During the late 1980's recession, Amy was responsible for building teams to respond to the critical situation, productively and profitably. The team excelled together through thick and thin to bring the company back to its feet and remain one of the best in the industry.

    Amy founded and heads her own training consulting firm, Pinnacle Performance Sdn Bhd, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She is also the Managing Consultant of Integrative Learning (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

    She started and ended her corporate experience with Mun Loong Berhad, one of the top and leading retailers in Malaysia. Besides setting systems, she also initiated the training function, customer programmes, strategic human resource and career planning.

    Amy was also responsible for the overall human resource strategy and development for Olivetti’s Southeast Asian operation, during its change and foray into the IT industry. Her accountabilities included developing an organisation of high performers through training and teambuilding.

    Prior to this, she was in Rank Xerox as Personnel & Customer Relations Executive. She was also a pioneer member of SONY TV Industries, Bangi. Her accountabilities in both these organisations included customers, human resource development targets, facilitating training programmes, and total quality.

    Amy has facilitated many workshops that include leadership, adventure learning, assertive communication, personal realisation & awareness, performance appraisal, customer satisfaction, and public speaking skills. Her participants are mainly managers, executives and her staff from her corporate clients. She also conducts similar workshops for school, colleges, the YMCA, Toastmasters club and Rotary Club.

    Amy is a member of the International Association of Facilitators, the Malaysian Institute of Management, the Malaysian Society of Training & Development, and the Institute of Organisational Development. She is a Past Area Governor of Toastmasters Division 51, and a Past President of the Sunway Toastmasters Club.

    Amy , an articulate and fluent speaker, was the winner of the 1991 MIM Speaker of the Year Speech contest, organised by the Malaysian Institute of Management (MIM). She also won the “Special Commendation” trophy at the 1993 Pan-Southeast Asia Toastmasters speech contest.

    List of clients include...

    • American International Assurance
    • Amway (M) Sdn Bhd
    • Avon Cosmetics (M) Sdn Bhd
    • Edaran Otomobil Nasional Bhd
    • KLCC Sdn Bhd
    • Lion Group-Steel Division
    • Matsushita (M) Sdn Bhd
    • NEC Semiconductor (M) Sdn Bhd
    • Resorts World Bhd
    • Tan & Tan Development
    • UMW Bhd


    Adrienne Zoble
    When Adrienne Zoble began her Whitehouse Station, NJ Business, Adrienne Zoble Associates, Inc, in 1977, it was with the commitment to offer practical and efficient Marketing services and education to small business.Over the years, Ms Zoble has seen her client base grow to include fast-track companies, Fortune 500 firms, professional practices and non-profit organizations.

    Ms Zoble travels extensively, training, consulting for and speaking to both corporate and non-profit entities. She is a popular speaker at INC Magazine’s and other annual conferences. She has spoken before many trade associations, professional societies and Chambers of Commerce.

    Why is she so in demand? First, she “tells it like it is.”Secondly, she speaks from experience as a former corporate employee, a business owner and an avid networker. Adrienne is a founder of The Business Forum, the NJ Association of Women Business Owners, LINK (no longer in existence) and the first NJ Women’s Political Action Committee.

    Ms Zoble is the author of the Market Planning Workbook, “The Do-able Marketing Plan: Six Steps to an Improved Bottom Line” and the Marketing Infoletter, “Unconventional Wisdom.”

    For 21 years, Adrienne has been helping companies and organizations remove the mystique from Marketing and interpolate common sense into their Marketing efforts. And they thank her over and over again.



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