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Marketing strategy has taken on several new dimensions in recent years. As global competition increases, the need for a company or a brand to have a differentiating concept has spread to all parts of the world. No longer is it business as usual.

Everyone is after everyone's business.
How can you deal with the competition in a unique way?

When things go wrong...

  • You can change the strategy...
  • You can change the advertising...
  • You can change the name...

Or you can get a second opinion on...

  • Strategy...
  • Marketing Mix...
  • Advertising...
  • Names...

At RAYMA, we've teamed up with World's Foremost Marketing and Positioning Strategist Jack Trout and World's Number One Naming Strategist Steve Rivkin. We use "positioning" as our basic tool in developing a second opinion based on Jack's 26 years of experience in the marketing battlefield.
One day to two-months projects designed to provide overall direction for a company or brand to involvement in the introduction of a new product or the positioning of an existing brand or company.

We'd be happy to supply a proposal for any specific project you might have in mind. Contact Pat Lu at tel: +60.3.7804.4666, fax: +60.3.7804.4484, or email: teammates@rayma.com.my.


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