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huh? playground?

Here's what Pat Lu says...

"We should be like kids. We should treat work like play. When work is not work but a toy, you can achieve a lot more. I treat Rayma as a playground where my employees treat their job as a game, “Win, lose or draw - a challenge to you everyday.” ... Full story

~ Career Profile, Her World April 1994

Having fun the name of the game, says Rayma’s Pat

“Have fun. Enjoy your work. Be daring enough to experiment. I treat the office as a playground. All this is a game and I encourage my staff to do the same. It’s all a game - you either win, lose or draw.”

There are seemingly no mountains too high for this energetic, strong, impulsive and fun-loving woman to climb.

~ Women in Business Business Times Friday, May 12, 1995

An entrepreneur's attitude

Running a business is nothing but common sense. Many people asked Pat Lu: "Where did you get your MBA from?" Her reply, "From the University of Common Sense!", pointing to her head.

"To be an entrepreneur, you need to match your ideas with your energy. You must treat your work as a hobby. Something that you enjoy doing. Why torture yourself. I've yet to come across someone who complains about having too much fun. As a kid, I automatically fall asleep within 5 minutes when it came to homework. But playing in the park, I wished the sun won't set! To me, the priority is having fun. What work? I'm having fun everyday. Work is no more a chore."

"Go play with kids. You'll be surprised how much you will learn from them. Like my son (16 month old) who tried all ways to play with a turtle in a bowl when forbiddened to. He tried to dip his right hand into the bowl. Just as I stopped him, he reached out his left hand. Within split seconds, came his right foot followed by his left foot and his head. Last attempt, burst into tears. It didn't work either. But that's creativity and persistence! Be the kid again who never relents to get what he wants, no matter how strong the obstacles are. Be fearless. Just go for it. Do what you want to do today, and be satisfied with it. If you lose your fight today, leave it for another day."

"If it's going to be, it's up to me. Most people give up too soon. How far do you want to go? You just have to push it. If you do not try, how are you going to get what you set out to achieve?"

"I like to try the impossibles, just to see how far I can go. I learnt this from my late father: Nothing is impossibe. Try, and try again, until you succeed."

~ Certified Management Digest September 1995




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